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Homemade soups to take home and eat with foundation

The best homemade soups to take from home and eat with foundation. How to make homemade and nutritious soups to bring to work, university, gym, etc. You just need to add boiling water during serving and it will be ready.

Shitake soup and rice noodlesShitake soup and rice noodles
Shitake soup and rice noodles recipe, which we present in a minute as part of the TV program 55000 Recipes.

Dill, tomato and lime soupDill, tomato and lime soup
Nutritious and perfect soup with dill, tomato and lime and noodles with angel hair.

Hake and shrimp soupHake and shrimp soup
Very simple soup of hake, shrimp, chives, carrots, chives and sesame seeds, nutritious and healthy idea of ​​the 55000 Recipes program for eating out.

Garlic, thyme and cod soupGarlic, thyme and cod soup
Soup of garlic, thyme, cod, tomato, chives and chorizo, specially designed for taking away and eating out.

Red curry soup and seaweedRed curry soup and seaweed
Red curry soup paste with a combo and wean seaweed, carrots, chives, boiled egg and soy sauce, a complete and nutritious recipe created to take.

Chickpea and ham soupChickpea and ham soup
Soup with boiled chickpeas, ham, chives, zucchini, coriander and curry, an easy and nutritious dish from the 55000 Recipes program, ideal for eating out.

Onion and broccoli soupOnion and broccoli soup
Learn how to make soup from onions, broccoli, chorizo, green beans and pickles, a simple recipe created to take and eat out.

Quinoa soup with peasQuinoa soup with peas
Recipe for quinoa soup with fresh peas, carrots, zucchini, soy sauce and spices, nutritious dish, easy to prepare and designed to eat out.

Smoked cod soup with corianderSmoked cod soup with coriander
Learn to cook smoked cod, chives, zucchini, carrots, egg and coriander soup, a simple and perfect dish to eat out.

Shrimp soup with teriyakiShrimp soup with teriyaki
We explain how to make soup with shrimp, leeks, zucchini, garlic and teriyaki sauce, a perfect soup recipe to take.

Miso soup with tofuMiso soup with tofu
Miso soup recipe with tofu, sauteed shiitake mushrooms, seaweed salads and onions, a simple and healthy dish, perfect to take away.

Vegetable and chicken soupVegetable and chicken soup
We explain how to prepare vegetable soup, chicken and special fried bread to take away. You just need to add boiling water during serving and it will be ready.

Mushroom soup and rice noodlesMushroom soup and rice noodles
Idea for mushroom soup, rice noodles, ham and celery, designed to go, a simple dish from the 55000 Recipes program, perfect for eating in the office.

Soup with tomato and chivesSoup with tomato and chives
Recipe for soup with noodles with tomato, chives, boiled egg and carrot, a simple idea, ideal for taking out and eating out.

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