Helvella or Pucheruelo


At the end of winter, the so-called “Spring Mushrooms” arrive in our fields and forests. Among them Helvella leucomelaena or “Pucheruelo”, a very seasonal mushroom that we can now go to collect.

Helvella or Pucheruelo

With the end of winter and the arrival of good weather there are / are many people who go to forests and pine forests in search of one of the greatest treasures we can find at this time Spring mushrooms.

If there is a spring mushroom that happens every year when there is a lot of rain in the forests and pine forests, it is “PautAs it is called in the south of Castile and Leon, or Helvella leucomelaena, its scientific name.

The Helvella leucomelaena or Pucheruelo This is a fairly well known and recognized mushroom in our country. Its appearance on the “paut” or gray cup with a white stem, as a characteristic of all fungi belonging to the family of Helvellas, make it very recognizable.

Pucheruelo or Helvella leucomelaena at that time was a desirable mushroom, although its taste is not related to its fame, on the contrary, and to the cartilaginous structure, something special. It is a slightly “graceful” mushroom, to say the least, and on top of that it is toxic if consumed raw or uncooked. As a child, I was sick for three days to “play” in being a pot cook …

Traditionally, our mother takes care of us at home cook Pucheruelos or Helvella leucomelaena. They are cleaned, almost always, by anyone who goes to look for them. House rules.

Helvella or Pucheruelo

To clean the pots The first thing you need to do is trim your sandy foot. After doing this, wash in plenty of water, several times to remove the rest of the earth.

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When clean, place in a saucepan with water and salt and cook for a few minutes. Remove the water, cover again with water and salt (to taste) and cook for another ten minutes.

From this point on, we can do two things, either strain the mushrooms and cook them at the same time in the form of scrambled eggs or in an omelet with garlic (for example); Or leave them to cool and keep in the refrigerator until a few days (at most two or three) are cooked. It can be boring, but that would be if we had a lot of it.

We will put you a little soon Pucheruelos recipe, but this mushroom is certainly prepared in your home as well. Therefore, if you want, you can share yours with all of us Hevel recipes. Are you ready for that?


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