Hedoné, extra virgin olive oil DO Siurana

Hedoné: a new gourmet extra virgin with DO Siurana

Hedon This meant “pleasure” in classical Greek, and it is this quality that transmits this gourmet extra virgin: a real delight for the senses, the experience of consuming a unique and special product, as attractive to its continent as its content.

Extra virgin olive oil Hedoné is extracted only by mechanical procedures from Arbequina olives in perfect condition, collected from the tree 24 hours before pressing.

The care with which the whole process is carried out, together with the characteristics of the Arbequina olive, a variety recognized by experts and consumers worldwide as one of the highest quality olives in the Mediterranean, as well as the land and climate of the whole Siurana PDO (from the area of ​​Les Garrigues in Lérida, crossing the regions of El Priorato, El Bajo Campo, El Alto Campo, El Tarragonés to reaching the banks of the Ebro in Tarragona) make this oil something exceptional.

It is presented in a delicate case with a low glass bottle of 500 ml, inside, very practical to use on the table, due to the shape and the functional external dispenser that it includes.

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The old green color of the container helps to preserve the organoleptic properties of the oil. The shape of the bottle is reminiscent of the design of some glassware that the Romans used for their cosmetics and suggests a synthesis between classicism and modernity. The label, with a black background with silver typography and in two sections, blends harmoniously with the color of the glass and that of the other elements that make up the set, characterized by its minimalism and simplicity.
Hedoné, extra virgin olive oil DO Siurana

Undoubtedly, Hedoné will find a place in gourmet oils thanks to its fragrant, complex and balanced profile.

More information: hedone.es

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