Healthy sweets for babies and children


A book with irresistible healthy and healthy recipes for snacks, desserts, snacks and children’s parties.

Those of us who are parents know how difficult it is to hit the menu for the little ones and try to make it varied so as not to tire them.

Graciela BayrajThinking of both the parents and the little ones in the house, he wrote and developed this “little” cookbook.Healthy sweets for babies and children“.

In this book we can find recipes for cakes, cookies, compotes, pancakes, cakesetc. Wide repertoire of sweet and tasty for babies from 6 to 12 months and children from one year.

This new book by Graciela Bayraj It will give us new ideas when it comes to making good, quick and easy to prepare desserts and snacks.

Incidentally, the author of “Healthy sweets for babies and childrenConsidered children who do not tolerate certain foods such as celiac disease and lactose intolerance.

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Healthy sweets for babies and children

Author: Graciela Bajraj
ISBN: 97884-84284307
Price: 22 euros
More information: albaeditorial


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