Healthy, cavity-free treats, ideal for children


Can you imagine that the treats were healthier and did not cause tooth decay again? What seems like an impossible mission may be closer than it may seem.

Sweet gum candies
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A group of researchers from the University Institute of Food Engineering for Development at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) have developed a new wording to obtain healthy treats that do not cause tooth decay.

What may seem unusual at first glance, this discovery may be much more important than the current one. According to the research team itself, this may be the basis to which functional ingredients can be added that increase the nutritional value of the candies in question, such as including antioxidant properties.

To carry out this study, UPV researchers focused on the production of sweet foams such as “Sugar Clouds”, starting with the basic formulation in the preparation of this type of pastry, consisting of 36 percent water, 60 percent sugar (of which 60 percent is glucose syrup and 40 percent sucrose) and 4 percent gelatin.
The research team replaced total sugars with other “healthier” ones such as isomaltulose (sugar) and oligofructose (a type of soluble fiber), which leads to a much healthier, lower-calorie product that, in addition to stimulating and promoting the growth of the intestinal flora, does not cause tooth decay.

According to the researchers, in addition to the previous advantages, the newly obtained foams stand out with their low glycemic and insulin-like index, ie they do not cause blood sugar spikes. This is because isomaltulose is slowly released into the blood.

Quite a discovery, as the researchers comment: “Our goal was to offer the smallest product with the same sensory attributes as conventional cakes, but without the typical disadvantages of these products, ie does not cause tooth decay and at the same time time will provide some additional benefits like this provided by the fibers ”.

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Undoubtedly a discovery that can be a great opportunity for companies in the sector, as well as for other companies such as those dedicated to the production of pastries, cakes and pastries, to offer new, much healthier products that also do not cause tooth decay.



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