Healthier sheep’s milk

A new type of sheep’s milk is able to prevent the accumulation of fat in the arteries and have anti-cancer effects.

Sheep milk

Researchers from the Supreme Research Council (CSIC) have achieved a new type of sheep’s milk high in “healthy” fats by changing the diet of these ruminants, which produces a product capable of strengthening the immune system, preventing the accumulation of fat in the arteries and have anti-cancer effects.

In particular, the researchers added a supplement of 6% soybean oil to the diet of dairy sheep and managed to triple the content of their linoleic acid (CLA, for its abbreviation in English), a type of unsaturated fatty acid found in fats from foods derived from ruminants and whose consumption is beneficial to humans.

In a statement, CSIC explained that conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, is a fatty acid found naturally in the fats of foods derived from ruminants, meat and, above all, dairy products. “The general interest aroused by the CLA over the last decade comes from the potential health benefits of consumers as an anti-arteriosclerotic agent and especially as an anti-cancer agent, which is why numerous scientific studies are trying to increase its content in food,” said Gonzalo Hervas of the investigation.

In addition, Hervás stated that this study “involves increasing knowledge of fat metabolism in dairy sheep” and that “this finding is interesting because so far most foods with these characteristics available on the market contain compounds that are added a posteriori ”.

The next step will be the production of cheese with this milk. They have not yet understood whether during this process of transformation milk will retain its useful properties.

The research, conducted by researchers from the Leon Agricultural Experimental Station and the Frio Institute in Madrid (both centers belong to the CSIC), has been conducted over the past three years.

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