Ham with Paquito aroma


One of the products we wanted to try the most was Paquito-flavored hams.

Ham with chocolate aroma

Since we heard about Pack of ham (Friherlo) at the last Alimentaria fair in Barcelona, ​​we were intrigued to discover this mixture of flavors, so “rare” and special. Yesterday at the Salón gourmet in Madrid we had the opportunity to try this new product.

At first glance, the taste palette that Pakito uses to “paint” his hams is wide, chocolate, curry, wine, banana, coconut, etc. Then everyone will draw their own conclusions.

Coconut ham

We tested two species Ham, that of coconut and that of chocolate. The first is barely noticeable (and the meat was somehow soft and salty); in the second, the contrast of chocolate with ham was the one we liked the most of all we tried.

The most purists will pull their hair out and see in this new proposal of Pack of ham an attack on such a special and “legalized” product. We think they have nothing to fear, as this proposal has nothing to do with it and therefore has nothing to compare to Serrano, Iberian ham or ham.
It seems to us a “nice”, different, eye-catching product, which for 7 euros per piece can be ideal as a gift or to start an informal dinner with friends.

The ham s Paquito fragrances, they are not in themselves a pork leg, nor do they share the same time of hardening and preservation. What is he doing? The package to make this product is to divide fresh boneless ham into pieces of 250 gr.

Ham with chocolate aroma

After a two-week hardening process, these pieces are smeared with food glue and then covered with chocolate, curry, etc. A few more weeks of hardening and these pieces will be ready for packaging and marketing.

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A commercialization that was a great success thanks to the publicity gained at the last Alimentaria fair in Barcelona, ​​which was increased at the last gourmet fair in Madrid. An event where we can see a visualization of what will be another bestseller Paquito hams, “Hama eats peanuts“.

If you want to surprise your guests, put Jamón Paquito on them. If you want to try one of the best hams, then Joselito.


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