Guide to gastronomic tourism in Spain

We can now obtain the “Guide to Gastronomic Tourism in Spain”, a useful tool for learning first-hand the gastronomic secrets of all the Autonomous Communities.

The Guide to gastronomic tourism in Spain has been published by the publisher AnayaAlthough it sounds strange, this is the first guide published in Spain that deals with gastronomic tourism throughout the country.

The guide is divided into 52 gastronomic routes, with practical and up-to-date maps that encourage travelers to discover in a new way what has always been an important part of the joys of travel: discovering and enjoying gastronomy in every place.

This Guide to gastronomic tourism in Spain also introduces us The closet of Spain, a section that tells community by community the history of its gastronomic treasures, from the mycological richness of the Pyrenees to the wonderful pork of the Andalusian mountains, from the delicate meats of Castilian infants to the peaks that the Basques and Cantabrians have reached. ran his own fish canning industry. Sea and land, coast and countryside, mountains and valleys, in this guide become surprising worlds for what they produce and make in them.

A great guide, written among many others by the journalist Francesco Ribes, author of the guide “Routes through the wines of Spain” and a contributor to Anaya Tourist Club, where he is responsible for the 2008 edition of the Wine Travel Guide in Spain, considered the “Bible of the Sector”, together with Ismail Diaz Hubero, author and co-author of many gastronomic books such as “Tastes of Spain”, “Las Stars of Spanish gastronomy ”,“ Guide to Mediterranean food ”,“ Catalog of Spanish cheeses ”,“ Olive roots ”,“ Butter in the gastronomy of the 21st century ”,“ Iberian ham in the gastronomy of the XXI century ”among many others.

He will definitely be a big seller this Christmas. What do you think?

Guide to gastronomic tourism in Spain

Autores: Francesc Ribes, Ismael Díaz Yubero y otros.
ISBN: 9788497763066
P.V.P.: 24,00 € (IVA incluido)
Páginas: 791 páginas

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