Grilled fever with ratatouille


Grilled fever with ratatouille

Grilled fever with ratatouille

Four five’

4 servings


180 kcal

How to make grilled fever with ratatouille

For today’s recipe I have prepared a very easy grilled cod with ratatouille. I used cod fillets from Giraldo, a company I work with that has an exclusive product. When grilled, it is much lighter than in stew, such as cod al pil pil. It is accompanied by a simple vegetable ratatouille, which has a fairly low caloric value.

From all this we can conclude that we are facing an ideal dish for weight loss diets, as long as we maintain the fish ration of about 150 g. It is very important to control the amounts when trying to maintain a balanced diet.

Ingredients for 4 people

Ingredient photo

1 – Fry the onion

When making ratatouille, you need to decide how to chop the vegetables. We will start with onions and garlic, which we will fry in a pot or pan in which we will make ratatouille, with olive oil covering the bottom and salt.

Stew onions

2 – Add the green peppers

When the onion starts to become transparent, it’s time to add the green peppers, cleaned of seeds and cut into pieces.

Add the green peppers

3 – Zucchini bend

With the semi-finished pepper add the zucchini, a little salt and after stirring let it cook over low heat.

Zucchini bend

4 – Add the fried tomatoes and finish cooking the ratatouille

When the zucchini are ready, add the fried tomatoes, mix with all the vegetables and cook for 10 minutes with a lid. In case you see that the ratatouille has a little water, you can add a little. There should be no problem, as vegetables release a lot of water, but you never know.

Add the fried tomatoes and finish cooking the ratatouille

5 – Prepare the cod on the grill

During these 10 minutes we will take the opportunity to dry the cod fillets with kitchen paper and grill them. First with the skin up, then down. Cod is a fish that is made in a very short time, so you need to be careful in the few minutes that it costs.

Grilling cod

6 – Present the dish with ratatouille cod

Once we have prepared both the cod and the ratatouille, we can only assemble them on a plate. Then we can enjoy this grilled cod dish with ratatouille.

Present the dish with ratatouille cod



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