Glorious food of Ibiza (and music), an amazing journey through the White Island

On our last visit to Ibiza, musician, chef and businessman Sid Shanti presented his book: The Glorious Food of Ibiza (& Music), an encyclopedic journey through the customs and traditions of Ibiza gastronomy.

Attracted by the influence of Ibiza, its landscapes, its people and its culture, Sid Shanti became part of the Ibisan community and dared, after living on the island for fifteen years, to publish a book “Glorious Ibiza (& Music)” with this, who wants to share the gastronomic knowledge that he stores all this time.

Musician, chef and businessman Sid Shanti

His desire to experiment with cooking with local ingredients forced him to walk around town and talk to locals to delve into traditional cuisine, its evolution and thus witness the centuries-old history that shaped today’s gastronomy.

Its special content makes it unique, curious, as it mixes Ibisan customs, a wide list of wild products that can be collected while walking around the countryside, organic farms and farms and endemic animals from the Balearic Islands.

Glorious Ibiza food (and music) by Sid Shanti

Of course, Glorious Ibiza Food (& Music) couldn’t miss the recipe section.

Prepared by the author, he follows the premise of cooking and eating healthy, fresh dishes, full of color and contrasts of textures and flavors. That is why he provides the necessary knowledge to be able to create and enjoy Ibiza recipes either under the stars or on a barbecue.

Watercress salad, lamb, zucchini salad, marinated chicken, rice salad and a few more recipes to delight guests.

Glorious Ibiza food (and music) by Sid Shanti

The “& Music” element of the title comes into play with a mixing section that can be downloaded by a star cast of island DJs (including Carl Cox, Pete Tong and Groove Armada) who have personally created exclusive playlists for lunch or dinner.

Glorious Ibiza food (and music) by Sid Shanti

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More than a cookbook, Glorious Ibiza Food is an encyclopedic journey through the customs and traditions of Ibiza’s gastronomy, its rituals and historical origins, agriculture and the search for island products, and traditional methods of preparing and cooking food for generations of Ibicencos that are still valid today.

Glorious Ibiza food (and music) by Sid Shanti

It is more than advisable to get to know the fashionable island of the Mediterranean and immerse yourself in everything that surrounds it.

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Glorious Ibiza food (and music!)

Discover in this wonderful book an exceptional vision of wild plants and the most successful recipes with a complete guide of suppliers of the best quality products on the island and a selection of musical themes prepared by the best DJs.

Written by: Sid shanti

Published by: Attic publications

ISBN number: 978-8499369457

Available in:Hard cover

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