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Conquense garlic mortar and black garlic

Miguel Angel Martinez, chef at Parador de Cuenca is one of the winners of the III Championship Tapas and Pintxos held in Madrid Fusion 2017.


  • For the mortar with garlic
  • c / s Fine salt
  • 150 ml raw olive oil (arbequin)
  • ½ lemon
  • 2und. Chicken egg
  • 30g Black garlic
  • For the black garlic mayonnaise
  • 4und. Quail egg
  • c / s. Sakura
  • c / s. Fine salt
  • 1 piece. Bay leaf
  • 50g A little bread
  • 200g New medium potatoes
  • 1 dl. Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 piece. Garlic cloves from Las Pedroñeras
  • 150 g. Desalinated cod
  • 2und gelatin sheet


Preparation of a mortar of garlic

  1. Put the potatoes and bay leaf to cook after it softens, add the skinless cod, let it cook and adjust the spice; put to drain, keeping the broth for cooking.
  2. Lightly fry the garlic in the pan with the oil.
  3. We will crush the potatoes, cod and garlic with a little cooking broth and emulsify with the garlic frying oil until we get a homogeneous and permanent paste.
  4. Once the black garlic is done, we cover the mold with a clove of garlic, put the yolk inside, cover with the garlic walls until the yolk is covered and keep at room temperature.

Preparation of black garlic

  1. Make mayonnaise with egg, oil, sprinkle lemon and salt in the thermomix, mayonnaise should not be too thick, after it is made, add peeled cloves of black garlic, crush at a temperature of 55º, (no more so as not to lose organoleptic qualities and color of black garlic), add the gelatin tails so that they dissolve, strain through a sieve, place in a siphon and keep cold.


  1. This is a black spoon, the garlic mortar is put in a form, the egg yolk is given a little with a soldering iron to boil it very little, the black garlic foam is poured on top and finished with sakura.


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