Galician Oyster Festival in Madrid


From today and throughout the week, the Ritz Hotel in Madrid will celebrate the Galician Oyster Festival

Presentation of a plate of oysters

Hotel Ritz in Madrid wants to pay homage to the most valuable Galician gastronomy mollusk in the form of “popular” gastronomic days at € 70 on the menu.

During these seven days in the menu of the restaurant Goya (Hotel Ritz) will appear various offers, among which we can highlight some exquisite Galician oysters with gratin with cava, oyster salad Belon with lemon cream and orange wine foam o Fine de Claire through curry and avocado tempura, all prepared with the utmost care and dedication by Basque chef Jorge Gonzalez.

You already have an excuse to visit the Ritz Hotel if you don’t know it, as these menus are not very expensive (if you compare the prices in other restaurants). Besides, it is an occasion to try a highly recommended cuisine like that of Jorge Gonzalez at a very reasonable price.

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