Galician or fairy octopus recipe

The Galician octopus or “feira” is a traditional recipe of Galician cuisine that has reached all corners of the national territory, and some other foreigners, which can be accompanied by Galician potatoes or kahelo.

Galician or fairy octopus recipe

If until recently it was normal to see in almost all recipes Galician octopus or “a feira” that the poor animal had to be beaten to soften its tough meat, this “technique” was replaced by another “more modern” and practical one, such as freezing.

Although this trick is known in almost all Spanish homes, you need to follow other steps to get it Galician octopus or “a feira” which resembles, only slightly, the one made by Pulpeiras in Galicia.

That is, “scare” the octopus three times in boiling water (if we want to keep the outer skin of the octopus intact), cook it in unsalted water and leave it after draining, a quarter of an hour to warm it.

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Galician or fairy octopus recipe

The recipe for Galician or feira octopus is traditional in Galician cuisine and can be served with Galician potatoes or kahel.

Galician or fairy octopus recipe

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Time to prepare 40 minutes


  1. Put in a pressure cooker, plenty of water with clean and square onions and bay leaf. When the water starts to boil, we will “scare” the octopus (pre-thawed) three times.

  2. Grasping the bug by the head, we will put it in the pot, being careful not to burn our fingers. We count from five to ten seconds and serve. When the water starts to boil again, we repeat the operation, up to two more times.

  3. Leave the octopus inside the pot, cover, let the flap rise as much as possible, reduce the heat and count for twenty minutes.

  4. After a while we take out the pot, cool it under the tap with cold water, open it and check if the octopus is cooked. If not, cover the pot again and put on the fire for another five minutes.

  5. Remove the octopus, drain it and let it warm up for fifteen minutes in the sewer.

  6. Cut the octopus’ legs with scissors into half-centimeter-thick slices, which we will place on a wooden plate typical of the Galician octopus or “feira”.

  7. Season with a little red pepper from La Vera, a thread of extra virgin olive oil and coarse salt to taste.

Recipe notes

If you want to serve the octopus with a few boiled potatoes or cachelos, in the same water to cook the octopus, and while it is hardened, cook two or three washed potatoes without peeling in a pressure cooker.

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Once cooked, all you have to do is peel them and cut them as you wish, cut into pieces or pieces that will be placed on a wooden plate and under the octopus. Then season with red pepper, oil and salt.

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