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A table full of delicacies is the best way to end any debate on “how to fight poverty in Africa, how to send aid to this continent and the world’s food shortages.”

This union has no common sense for anyone, as it would now be impossible to even try a bite for the leaders who make up the group of the 8 most powerful economies in the world (USA, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Canada, Japan and England). ), which becomes a full-fledged holiday.

Corn with diced caviar, tuna, soy jelly, boiled mussels, smoked salmon and sea urchins are some of the 20 culinary creations made by Japanese chef Katushiro Namakura to delight such worthy people.

It is normal to entertain leaders with the best possible delicacies, not with one or two, the maximum possible.

Now that the richest countries in the world are coming together to deal with such a serious problem as food shortages in so many countries due to the global food crisis and the one that is so entrenched in Africa, this is not so normal.

Some time ago we told you about a famous French chef who refused to prepare dinner on a moral issue, as this event cost a huge 194,000 euros, a price that included a trip to learn about the extreme poverty suffered by the Thai region of Surin.

This summit, which aims to fight all these evils, which eats away at the rich countries from within and (lack of shame), does not allow them to see the promises they made for development aid four years ago.

By 2005, the G8 has promised to increase aid to the African continent to $ 50,000 million a year by 2010 to fight hunger, but that is yet to be done.

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Now, after this dinner, almost all NGOs have raised their voices.

Someone hears them, I don’t think so.

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