Fried milk in Thermomix, the easy way to prepare this traditional dessert


What a week that awaits us with sweets for All Saints’ Day …

If the next day we prepare some fried cream filled with pastries, this time we will show you fried milk in Thermomix, which together with “Puchas Castellanas” are the most traditional desserts that we usually prepare for All Saints’ Day.

Fried milk Thermomix

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Fried milk in a thermomix

Fried milk can be made by hand or in Thermomix, as was the case in this case, following the instructions set out in the recipe book of Thermomix, which we leave below. Although we, after testing the recipe in advance, reduced the amount of milk so that the cream is thicker and can be processed better when we cover it.
Fried milk in a thermomix

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Time to prepare twenty minutes


  1. Put all the ingredients in the cup, except for the cinnamon stick.

  2. Mix for 15 seconds at speed 4.

  3. Place the butterfly on the blades and add the cinnamon stick.

  4. We set the speed to Varoma, 10 minutes, speed 2 1/2.

  5. When finished, we program for another two minutes, without temperature and at the same speed.

  6. Pour the mixture into a large bowl (which we will spread with a little oil or covered with greaseproof paper) so that we have a layer about a finger thick.

  7. Allow to cool for a few hours.

  8. Then cut into squares, dough in flour and egg and fry in a pan with lots of sunflower oil.

  9. When baked on all sides, remove the pieces from fried milk on absorbent paper.

  10. Once we have all the fried and cold pieces, sprinkle with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

Recipe notes

If you do not have Thermomix You can make fried milk in the traditional way, as indicated in the following link:
Fried milk

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