Free Damm, a non-alcoholic beer with fewer calories


Free Damm“, non-alchoholic beer which has reduced its caloric content to a minimum, thus achieving a high-quality, authentic product with all the flavor, but with minimal calories, changes its design.

Free Damm, a non-alcoholic beer with fewer calories
The free Damm is the lowest calorie beer on the market as it contributes only 1 kcal per centiliter. 25cl bottle. Free Damm provides only 25 kcal and does not contain alcohol, so it is the ideal beer for all people who take care of themselves and who are concerned about their health and in general for all beer lovers who choose products without alcohol and with reduced caloric intake.

With the recent change of image that will appear on the market in the next few days, the brand strives to convey values ​​such as quality and sophistication. In addition to the change, Free Damm will launch a new TV campaign this week, which will be accompanied by actions in other media that have not yet been revealed.

As we can see, after launching gourmet beer Inedit and gluten-free beer suitable for celiac disease, Dam Group not for …

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