Flor de Sal Cabo de Gata


For some time, gourmet salt has become an ingredient present in many cuisines in our country and this Flor de Sal Cabo de Gata is one of the best exhibits.

Flor de Sal Cabo de Gata

Flakes, crystals and flowers of salt, of all colors, white, gray, pink and even black. From different origins, sea, rock or mountainous areas … As you can see, the gourmet salt that we find in every supermarket today is a product suitable for the most Epicurean palate.

Properties of Flor de Sal Cabo de Gata

One of the salts we can find right now is Flor de Sal de Cabo de Gata. A gourmet salt which is extracted by hand processes from the marine salt areas found in the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Nature Park, Almeria, and from which it takes its name.

Flor de Sal de Cabo de Gata is a type of salt that is distinguished by its fine and crunchy texture, as well as its whiteness and irregular shapes, a characteristic that it acquires due to the fact that it gathers naturally, at dawn, and with a large thermal contrast (between day and night), with typical climatic conditions for some summer nights.

Once harvested, Flor de Sal Cabo de Gata does not undergo any industrial process during its natural drying. This process takes place outdoors, where the sun and wind will dry it for a year to obtain pure sea salt, without additives or transformations and with very limited production.

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Undoubtedly the quality of Flor de Sal Cabo de Gata it is such that it can be used as we like, as well as dressing for salads, vegetables, meats, fish and even for fruits and some desserts.

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As already mentioned, Flor de Sal Cabo de Gata can be easily found in gourmet shops at a price of about 6 euros for a 125 g container.


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