Fizz Saver Dispenser life on all sides


Often a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola can be opened for weeks in the refrigerator, and when we want to drink a glass of soda, we find that it does not have a single bubble, so the bottle ends up in the trash.

Fizz saving

With this practical tool we can have “our” bubbles whenever and wherever we want, without worrying about the “gas” in the bottle that remains.

We will only have to choose the taste of the soda, remove the cap from the bottle instead of putting it aerator dispenser, turn it so that it lies on the surface and tighten the tap so that our drink comes out full of bubbles.

As you can imagine, this is a dispenser per bottle, at least until the last drop disappears.

We can buy it for a little over nine euros here, and best of all, we can take it to any party. Although I don’t know how it will turn out …


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