FISH, the most complete fish cookbook

FISH, the most complete book on the use of fish in the kitchen, with recipes, techniques, tips and utensils for proper cleaning and preparation.

FISH is much more than just a cookbook. FISH is a book that shows us a philosophy about fish. A book that allows us to make the goal of eating better and healthier a reality.

We have always taken it for granted that fish is part of a healthy diet and it is. As well as being an ingredient that is available to almost everyone, we see the variety of species on the market growing every day and this often makes it difficult for us to choose which fish to buy and, most complicated, how to take advantage of all his qualities.

FISH, a cookbook by Phillipe Emanuelli

Cleaning, cutting, cooking or knowing the different types of fish is a hanging problem for many of us. A topic we can move on to by reading this book, which, as we say, is not a classic cookbook or a recipe book.

Not so, because alternate thoughts about the product, cuisine, recipes, environment or small tips to enjoy the fish with pleasure. All this from the hand of chef Philippe Emanuelli, the son of a Breton fisherman.

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Fish soups, how to get the best out of roe deer, how to make dishes with canned fish, roasted, fried, barbecues, steamed, pan-fried fish … Thus in FISH can be found up to more than a hundred receptions.

FISH this is a book published by Lunwerg, written by Philippe Emanueli and with some amazing photos taken by Frederick Ravens, Akiko Ida and Pierre Havel.

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Fish is a staple food for a healthy diet. With this book, which includes more than 100 exquisite recipes, you will learn how to make the most of all its varieties and prepare it in a variety of ways. Fish shows a philosophy around fish that makes it possible to realize the common goal for all nutritional purposes to eat better and healthier.

Written by: Philip Emanueli Frederick Ravens

Published by: LUNWERG

Date of publication: 10.10.2015

ISBN: 9788416177806

Available in:Hard cover

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