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Francisco José Vicente Hernandez was unanimously named champion of the seventh edition of the competition for young chefs by the jury.

The finale of the VII edition of the competition for young chefs was developed today with 10 students of hospitality as protagonists and chicken in the pepitorium as a dish that needs to be developed and renewed.

The philosophy of this competition is to turn traditional cuisine into a renewed signature kitchen, in which the aroma of the original dish must be respected, but with a touch of the new gastronomic trends that are currently in the kitchens of restaurants and restaurants. Classes from hospitality schools.

Eleven specialized judges are the ones who have to qualify each dish of the competitors, who had to present half of the “free-range chicken stew in a pepitoria” and the same amount of dessert prepared with pacharán Zoco.

The veterans took into account the taste, presentation and creativity of the dishes and put aside the nervousness and “own” mistakes of the competitors.

Francisco José Vicente Hernandez of Salamanca is the winner of the competition with a unanimous decision of the jury, with a “chicken in a penthouse with a champagne candy with crispy skin” and a crunchy drink from Zoco.

Part of the merit of this student from the Veracruz School of Hospitality is the renewal of the textures, in addition to the fact that the colors and smells of the ingredients have not lost their essence. And of course, also with a little help, his mother’s, as Francisco asked his mother how he should taste good peppery, so she taught him.

We don’t know if he will distribute the 5,000 euros with her, because the one-month scholarship for an internship at the Coque restaurant, owned by Mario Sandoval, which is also included in the award, is just for him.

Second place was awarded to Isidoro Rabago Catalina, from the Ibaialde Institute of Secondary Education in Pamplona. Thanks to his “Grilled breasts with coconut and chicken legs in two times for cooking with foie gras and melaosporun truffles in pepitoria sauce”, which won him a prize of 3,000 euros.

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The third place was taken by Jose Maria Camarena from the Institute of Secondary Education in Santa Maria de Alarcos in Ciudad Real, who received a prize of 2000 euros with his recipe “Traditional chicken lascado with heavy almond peppermint candy with olive oil. Saffron smoke and lemon sprouts along with a delicious ham with almond praline and pepitoria sauce.

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