Fever in green sauce very easy


Fever in green sauce very easy

Fever in green sauce very easy

30 ‘

4 servings


336 kcal

How to make cod in green sauce

Today I come up with a recipe that pours out tradition everywhere. A very common fish stew in northern Spain, like this cod in green sauce. This is not an exclusive preparation of cod, as there is also hake in green sauce, coconut in green sauce or beans with mussels in green sauce. As I say, green sauce is a staple in the kitchen as it is used in countless home cooking dishes.

The sauce I made today is not the usual green sauce I also posted in Family Kitchen, by the way. Today’s is almost drunk, but without completely combining the butter with cod gelatin. Let’s say it’s halfway through and to finish and enhance the greenish color that the butter itself gives to the sauce, we add chopped fresh parsley.

Regarding cooking cod, I think I have already commented that the ideal temperature is around 60ºC. It is no longer necessary to prepare fever and the meaning has nothing to do with its preparation at a higher temperature. The only way to improve it would be with a roner, which is a device for cooking vacuumed products at a stable and selected temperature. In this case, we can not do this, because we have to combine the oil with cod gelatin and the most convenient way to do it is by preparing the cod in the oil itself. All this may sound very confusing, but I promise you that watching the video or the written explanation, you will have no problem cooking this cod in green sauce.

Ingredients for 4 people

Ingredient photo

1 – Fry the garlic

We start by peeling and slicing the garlic. Then put them to fry in a flat pan with a little less than a finger of olive oil covering the bottom.

Fry the garlic

2 – Cook the fever at low temperature

When the garlic starts to turn brown, we will put the cod fillets in the casserole with the skin down. This will make it easier to extract the gelatin from the cod, as most of it is concentrated between the skin and the cod meat. Remember that the optimal cooking temperature for cod is around 60 ° C, so you should not have a high temperature when you put it in the oil.

Cooking cod at low temperature

3 – Combine cod gelatin with butter

Now we start moving the pie slowly so that the gelatin connects a little with the butter, but not too much. If it connects completely, we will be talking about a drink, not a green sauce. At this point, we will dilute a tablespoon of cornstarch in a little water and add it to the casserole. We keep moving it until the starch integrates.

Combine cod gelatin with butter

4 – Put the chopped fresh parsley

On top we will cut a few fresh parsley leaves and sprinkle them on top. After another 2 minutes of slow motion, we will remove the casserole from the heat and serve the cod to eat before it cools down.

Put the chopped fresh parsley

5 – We have already finished the fever in green sauce

And that’s friends. We finished our fever in a very easy green sauce. I hope you prepare it very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. So I will see that you have made one of my recipes and I will be very happy. Nothing else for today. Tomorrow more and better here in the Family Kitchen.

We have already finished the fever in green sauce



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