Evian Haute Couture by Jean Paul Gauthier


After the launch of the finished bottle, Jean Paul Gaultier invites us to discover the “Haute Couture” collection of the most famous mineral water on the market, Evian.

Evian Haute Couture by Jean Paul Gaultier (2)

Five unique bottles of water Evianmade by the Baccarat house, with sparkling crystals and the transparency it evokes mineral water on high achievements.

Museum exhibits that can only be seen in some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Paris,, Tokyo,, London, Shanghai, New York, Moscow, Dubai and Melbourne.

Later in March, they will return to France to be the protagonists of an exclusive auction in favor of Ramsar Convention, whose action to protect the wetlands of the planet is sponsored by Evian for more than 10 years.

We do not know the starting price of these bottles, but if you are interested in the experience “Eau Evian by Jean Paul GauthierYou can buy a bottle from the collection ready to wear for about ten euros in the store shopevian.com

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More information: evianjeanpaulgaultier.com


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