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The Eurotoques Chefs’ Association is tackling childhood obesity in Spain.

We have long known that one third of the Spanish child population is overweight.

Various studies conducted in Spain, based on a sample of the general population aged between 2 and 24 years, show that the number of overweight and obese people varies between 21.4 and 26.3%, and in all cases is more -higher in men than in women aged between 6 and 13 years.

For this and other reasons, on October 16, World Food Day, members of the Eurotoques Chefs Association, which brings together 800 professionals and is led by chef Pedro Subiana, have decided to leave their kitchens from time to time (at least one day a month). to instill healthy habits in the little ones through classes or workshops in the classrooms. Some workshops that are framed within Naos strategy for nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention.

During these classes, students will learn in the company of experts in the field of gastronomy and food, concepts for following a healthy diet and healthy habits, and will also apply the theory in practice, cooking simple and healthy meals themselves.

The aims of the initiative are, among other things, to better understand the Mediterranean diet, promoted by Spain as a World Heritage Site; the importance of not missing breakfast; that they consume more vegetables and fruits, and that they practice physical activities and sports.

They will also learn how to handle, prepare and cook food and emphasize the importance of adapting to the seasons of products and typical foods for each region.

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After the first lesson, the students assured the media that from now on they would “eat more than green”, although later, with the microphone closed, they declared that what they liked most were “sweets” and chocolate.

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