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Have you ever wondered how you would combine one taste with a completely different one? Once you have checked it, it may turn out that you were right or vice versa, you are sorry that you made this combination.

If this has happened to you more than once or twice, I recommend you get the book. “The encyclopedia of tastesThe first book that explores and shows you which foods combine best based on their tastes.

The Encyclopedia of Tastes 3

Nicky Segnit, its author, has selected 99 common ingredients in all cuisines and has classified them into 16 taste categories as Fruits and aromatic herbs,, Salty and in brine,, Amostazados,, Earthly or wildand also offers more than 200 recipes to surprise our palate.

As usual, these combinations range from the most traditional as pig and apple or vanilla and cherry, even others something more sophisticated like chocolate and chili,, vanilla and lobster or goat cheese and radishes. Although there is room for other slightly more “unusual” combinations such as watermelon and oysters or mushrooms and blueberrieswhich, at first glance, “can bring us back.”

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The encyclopedia of tastes This is a very interesting book that can be a reference in the kitchen when it comes to cooking, in the traditional way or if we want to innovate.

The encyclopedia of tastes

Autor: Niki Segnit
Tapa dura: 560 páginas
Editor: DEBATE; Edición: 001 (10 de noviembre de 2011)
Colección: DEBATE
Idioma: Español
ISBN-10: 8499920136
ISBN-13: 978-8499920139

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