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Bodega Emina, belonging to the Matarromera group, is launching its new line of sparkling wines produced under the Rueda denomination of origin: Emina Semiseco and Emina Brut Nature.

With a view to next Christmas, the new Emina DO Rueda winery, located in Valladolid in the Medina del Campo, has launched its new sparkling wines. Emina Semidri and Emina Brutus Nature.

These two new wines join the list of white wines that make a little more than a year in the new Emina Rueda Cellar: Verdejo, Sauvignon, fermented brown wine and semi-sweet wine.

The grapes used to make these sparkling wines come from the Verdejo vineyards that Emina owns in the town of Villalba de Adaha, and are released after a nine-month break in the bottle at the Medina del Campo facilities.

The Emina Brutus Nature It has a straw yellow color with lemon highlights, clean and bright. Loaded with fine bubbles that form a continuous and dynamic rosary, once on the surface, a crown is constantly formed around the edge of the glass. The nose reminds us of tropical fruits, passion fruit or maybe mango, accompanied by aromas of freshly prepared brioche.

The Emina Semidri On the nose there is an indisputable varietal memory of exfoliating herbs such as thyme, rosemary, etc., accompanied by a touch of green fruit (apple).

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These two wines are the perfect accompaniment to any plate of rice, fish or seafood, although they are also ideal for any type of dessert or holiday.

More info: emina.es

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