Elgorriaga chocolates, for life

The chocolate brand Elgorriaga is back to stay in the closets of Spanish homes.

I remember as a child, as a teenager and older, well, and now I was getting ready to eat chocolate bread. Among the chocolates I liked the most were those from Nestlé and Elgorriaga.

After spending some time in “standby”, the traditional chocolate brand Elgorriaga returns in order to restore these children, as in my case, today has become an adult to give the same chocolate to their children and thus help them grow. healthy and strong, as in theory, we did.

The new line of Elgorriaga tablets is presented in five varieties: milk chocolate, milk cream, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and almonds and dark chocolate with almonds.

By the way, Elgorriga continues to maintain the bell as an icon of the brand due to the good connotations and memories it carries, while also restoring the original color in a warmer yellow tone.

Elgorriaga La Campana chocolates

Too bad today is Sunday. Tomorrow the shops will open, I will go to look for a tablet of milk chocolate Elgorriaga to “restore” the old memories, but not so old …

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