El Bulli will open next year from June to December

Ferran Adria announces a change in the opening dates of his restaurant El Bulli.

What year was El Bulli, first was the attack of a former partner through a lawsuit (which never reached them), then came the tsunami in Santi Santamaria and his book “Naked Kitchen”, and now to shrink the curl, the case of Swiss Pascal Henri. A Swiss gourmet who, after being declared missing on June 12, after leaving the restaurant without paying There were (They have already called him “gourmet Simpa”), he was found safe, healthy and calm in Geneva.

Well, after putting an end to all this mess, Ferran Adria announced a change in the opening dates of the Cala Montjoi restaurant.

So far and year after year (since the mid-eighties), the best restaurant in the world and featuring three stars in the Michelin guide, began its season from April 1 to October 1, from spring to summer.

With the new change, the 2009-2010 season at El Bulli will run from June 16 to December 20, which will allow customers to offer new dishes with autumn products. “We can’t get into the routine, we have to look for new challenges and we want to work on the autumn product. I don’t know what will happen in 2010, although the forecast is for it to open in the winter and continue for four or five years, ”says the chef.

If 2008 was a busy year, what does Ferran Adria’s season look like?

Well, according to his very travel schedule.

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Travel to the US, Australia, Brazil, England, Japan, this until the end of 2008. Then to start the new year with force, Madrid Fusion 2009 and its Molecular Kitchen Disassembly Conference, from there he will travel to Milan and his congress Identità Golose 2009, passing through “Taste of TokyoAnd back to the Catalan lands to participate in Gastronomic forum in Girona 2009, which will mark its tenth anniversary in this edition. He then traveled to South Africa and in March will continue his gastronomic tour in France, Germany, again in the United States, etc., until June 16, when he opens the restaurant El Bulli.

This is done by reading the agenda above, if every day we break everything you have organized … And in the meantime to explore and develop new techniques for your kitchen.

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