Ekokook, the ecological kitchen that turns everyday waste into compost


One of the places in our home where we produce more waste is the kitchen.

Ekokook, ecological cuisine
Starting from this base, the ecological kitchen Ecocook born to be the center of our home. The point at which, in addition to cooking, we can store food and the subsequent treatment of waste that could remain by classifying the waste for subsequent recycling and composting.Ekokook, responsible kitchen (3)

Food packaging, fruit and vegetable peels, leftover food, etc., will all fit in the trash we have in our kitchen. Well, with this miracle of ecological cuisine Called “Ecocook“We will be able to transform daily waste into compost.

Compost that we will use as natural fertilizer in mini garden which is available as an accessory in this innovative kitchen design. Thus, fragrant plants, small vegetables, the strange flower, will have a place in Ecocook.

Ekokook, responsible kitchen (1)

Designed by Lackzi Lab,, Ecocook It is designed to significantly reduce the amount of waste generated by the home. Have you stopped to think about the amount of “garbage” we throw in the bins every day? And that more than a third of this garbage comes out of our kitchen?Ekokook, responsible kitchen (4)

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No doubt we had the organic kitchen Ecocook in each of our homes we would pollute less. He can’t tell you how much it would cost to have a clearer conscience, but we could at least try, don’t you think?

The video we show you, even though it is in French, illustrates very well the work of each element in a more explanatory and functional way.

More information: ekokook.com


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