Eight recipes for boiled egg sauces are low in fat, healthy, tasty and perfect for “Meatless Monday”

Today is Good Monday and in the Valencian community we celebrate, for dessert and breakfast we have Monas de Pascua trails, one made of chocolate and the other traditional Mona de Pascua, which, as you know, carries boiled eggs really, not chocolate. And the truth is that we never eat them with Mona, we keep them to make a salad or we just eat them with a trickle of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. Nor is it necessary to eat boiled eggs the same day, because you already know that canned in the refrigerator can last a week, what we explained in this post.

However, we took advantage of the fact that we had to prepare a recipe book with ideas and recipes for “Meatless Monday‘to compile our recipes from boiled egg saucesso you can take advantage of your Easter Monk’s boiled eggs as we remind you (although many of you will see them for the first time) how to make low-fat sauces,, healthy, delicious and as always easy to prepare. You will be surprised by these variants of mayonnaise sauce, pink sauce, “all i oli” or mayonnaise with garlic … it seems that they are the classics that have a lot of butter because they are equally creamy and emulsified, but they are much more light.

We recommend that you try each of them eight recipes for hard-boiled egg sauces, which you already know are low in fat, healthy, tasty and very flexible, you can serve them in salads, with meat, fish and seafood, with potatoes … whatever you want. You will see how wonderful it is, do not stop sharing this recipe book, for which many will thank you, consider this version of mayonnaise which is also ideal for summer because of the risks of emulsified sauces with a raw egg.

Low fat mayonnaise

How to make low-fat mayonnaise

Fake aioli for diet

Fake aioli for diet

Roasted garlic fake mayonnaise (low fat)

Roasted garlic fake mayonnaise (low fat)

Fake garlic and parsley mayonnaise

Light mayonnaise

Kimuchi mayonnaise

Recipe for a light sauce

Avocado aioli

False all in oli

Pink sauce for diet

Pink sauce for diet

Historical vinaigrette

Good cooking and good nutrition !!!

Now is your time.
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