eCool, the most environmentally friendly refrigerator


eCool, the most environmentally friendly refrigerator that does not need caps for cooling our beer cans.

eCool, the most environmentally friendly refrigerator
This “invention” is so simple that it can even turn into a joke. But it’s not like that. ECool is the easiest way to cool a few cans of beer or soda without using energy.

All you have to do is make a hole in our garden deep enough to bury eCool in it, fill the device with cans of soda or beer and wait for them to cool down.

From this moment on, the user lifts the lid, activates the crank and moments later a can ready for consumption comes out of the bottom of the eCool.

And how is this possible? Thanks to the geothermal energy (constant temperature, depending on the different places, from 10 to 16 ° C) of the shallow soil layer.

This is the mechanism of eCool. A device that works by taking advantage of the internal freshness of the ground, which protrudes a few inches above the ground and can remain installed all year round, as it has a system that insulates the boxes so that they are not damaged by moisture.

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It is therefore recommended mainly for houses with gardens and socially lazy, so you can not go to the refrigerator and want to spend about 250 euros for it.

Video: Kia Prayunpokee channel on Youtube


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