Dumplings stuffed with lemon cream


Dumplings stuffed with lemon cream

Dumplings stuffed with lemon cream

30 ‘

4 servings


165 kcal

How to make dumplings stuffed with lemon cream. Today in Family Kitchen with Javier Romero I bring you a homemade dessert from those who will save you from more than one rush when you do not know what to put on a party. You just have to master the confectionery technique to make these dumplings filled with lemon confectionery cream. Some very simple bites for which you will need very few ingredients that you can find in any supermarket or hypermarket.

The origin of the dumplings is a bit uncertain. I have seen that it began as a custom of shepherds and travelers who filled ready-made loaves with all sorts of things. Later, the bread dough is cooked with the filling already inside and later special doughs are made for this type of preparation.

During the Middle Ages, the purpose of empanadas was to preserve meat, so thick doughs were made. If they had to be eaten on the spot, a thinner version of the dough was chosen. In Spain, for example, wheat or rye dough was made and stuffed with game or fish meat and even leftover stew. In France they were called pate and stuffed with minced meat. Curiously, in the end, they only put the same name on the filling. In Britain, they called (and still do) pie to refer to these cakes filled with many different ingredients, both sweet and savory.

All this gave rise to the Galician empanada, the Italian calzone, and the British Cornish pastes; in the same way, they are also likely to be the forerunners of the Tunisian briks, the Turkish bjorek, and the Arab Sfihs and Fatayers; And knowing how famous empanadas and empanadils are in America, it is logical to think that this type of preparation would arrive through colonization.

Since I know you love dumplings, both sweet and savory, I will leave you with links to recipes I posted in Family Kitchen that you can see by clicking on the title in blue.

Homemade dumpling dough. If you want to make the dumplings a little more complicated, I recommend you make the dough from 0. They may not be as beautiful, but the texture and taste have nothing to do with those of the purchased dumplings.

Caramelized apple dumplings. These dumplings are also sweet and I swear that when I made them at home to write down the recipe, they didn’t last 10 minutes. You really wouldn’t expect something so simple to be so delicious. You can also make them for any occasion, whether it is special or not.

Tuna dumplings with tomato. This dumpling recipe is the classic one that we can throw away in the evening when we don’t know what to make for dinner. You just have to be lucky to have waffles at home, because tuna, tomatoes and eggs are common.

Ingredients for 4 people

Ingredient photo

1 – We start cooking the confectionery cream

We start by placing the fire in a low-intensity saucepan and inside we will put the eggs, cream, sugar, lemon essence, butter and cornstarch.

We start cooking the confectionery cream

2 – Stir without stopping until the end and allow the cream to cool

Stir by hand with a stirrer to mix the ingredients and make a homogeneous liquid, which we will allow to reduce until we continue to beat until we get a thick cream. When it becomes difficult to turn, we will take it out into a bowl or spring to cool it.

Stir without stopping until the end and allow the cream to cool

3 – Fill and shape into dumplings

Once it’s cold, we’ll have everything to make dumplings. Put a little cream in the center of the waffle, fold it and then crush the edge with a fork so that they are well sealed.

Fill and shape the dumplings

4 – Fry the dumplings

When we fill them, we will fry them in a pan with a lot of oil until they become golden brown and crispy.

Fry the dumplings

5 – After frying, leave them on absorbent paper

While they are done, we will take them out on a plate with absorbent paper to remove excess fat. And now comes the big solution: eat them hot or wait for them to cool. I leave it there.

After frying, leave them on absorbent paper

6 – Sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving

And that’s it, friends, we finished our empanadillas filled with lemon cream. Homemade dessert, which I hope you will prepare very soon in your respective homes and tell me the result on social networks. I say goodbye now, tomorrow more and better here in the Family Kitchen.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving



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