Dorada al ajo arriero, a very traditional recipe.


This “dorada al ajo arriero” is easy to prepare, but has a great result among visitors.

Dorada al ajo arriero

This dorada al ajo arriero is a very traditional recipe in which, if we take the fish point, we have a very juicy recipe, if we overdo it, as in everything, it stays somewhat dry, which is not saved by the garlic arriero.

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Dorada al ajo arriero

This dorada al ajo arriero is one of the best ways to cook this fish.

Dorada al ajo arriero

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  1. To start the bream recipe with garlic arriero, we clean the bream and remove both groin.

  2. We excluded the use of the head and central spine, which we can freeze for other later use.

  3. Put a pan on the fire with a few drops of oil.

  4. When it is hot, put the bream fillets in the pan with the meat over the fire.

  5. After a few minutes, turn them over and let them do the same time.

  6. Remove the fillets, turn off the heat and in the same pan, taking advantage of the residual heat, add a little more olive oil and add the chopped garlic, add a teaspoon of sweet red pepper, stir and sprinkle with the golden fillets.


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