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If you miss breakfast, thinking that you will lose weight, do not do it, you will gain weight.

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Aren’t you one of so many percent of people who think that if they miss one meal a day, they lose weight?

Well, stop suffering now, why? Research shows that skipping the first meal of the day increases your chances of suffering from obesity and other diseases associated with the disease, such as cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The latest alarm is a study by the Department of Epidemiology and Community Health at the University of Minnesota in the United States and published in the March issue of the journal Pediatrics.

Researchers analyzed for five years the relationship between breakfast habits, weight gain concerns and the health status of 2,216 Americans between the ages of 14 and 19, and noted that those who did not eat lunch had an average body mass index five points higher. high compared to those who do.

Don’t think that only Americans do this madness. In Spain, according to the Food, Consumption and Health report presented last week by the La Caixa Foundation’s charity projects, 8.2% of the population aged 2 to 24 do not eat breakfast every day and 32% do so with meager rations.

And it is precisely adolescents who are particularly concerned about experts, as they share several risk factors. On the one hand, parents reduce control over what their children eat, and on the other hand, the young person, still old, worries more about his physique than about his diet, and at this stage the first attempts at diet appear, skipping lunch to relieve calories for the day.

In fact, children and young people who do not eat breakfast have an obesity of 24%, which drops to 7.5% in the case of those who eat a balanced diet. And that’s because it’s so? Well, very simply, when we don’t have breakfast, the hunger in the morning is not satisfied and we eat all the time until we get to the food where we eat more. As a result, we consume too many calories, which leads to weight gain.

The body, this “perfect machine”, is very smart and has a defense mechanism against prolonged fasting situations, which activates two hormones called leptin and ghrelin, which create an energy-saving situation in the body. This situation is not remedied if we start eating later, as it is maintained, so that by consuming less energy, we can gain weight.

A study published in the journal Pediatrics shows that almost all adolescents who miss lunch do so to control their weight. This custom increases when the young man grows old. In 1999, when the study began, only 27.2% of the participating girls and 37.9% of the boys said they ate breakfast every day. After five years, the percentage of those who maintain the habit of eating every morning drops to 21% for both sexes. Those who followed a proper diet and followed all the diets were also those who led a healthier life: they exercised more and consumed less alcohol and tobacco. “The habit of eating breakfast is an important indicator of a healthy lifestyle in youth,” the authors write.

What is the perfect breakfast?

The one that contains the three main pillars that should be considered “healthy”, fruits, cereals and dairy products.

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Dairy products provide us with protein, sugar and a small amount of fat, as well as calcium, which promotes bone mineralization. Cereals, which can be in the form of bread or flakes, are needed because of the complex carbohydrates they contain. The fruit contains vitamins, antioxidants, fluids and fiber. We can drink juices, although in this case the fiber offered by the fruit is lost, but it can be restored if we eat vegetables or other fruits for the rest of the day. Nor are foods such as jams, honey, sausages or cheese recommended if taken in moderation.

Have breakfast, that everything will go well for you and if it is with the family much better.

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