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Dolce Natale Christmas

The final touch to the perfect dinner for this Christmas, Dolce Natale by Javier de las Muelas is the perfect dessert to accompany the sweets of these holidays


  • DROPLETS® by Tonka Bean
  • 2 cL nougat ice cream
  • 4 cl liquid cream
  • 1 cl liqueur of acorns
  • 2 cl Sambuca
  • 4 cl Tía María 3 drops (drops)
  • Decor
  • Shish with truffles
  • Forest fruits


  1. Think of the final touch of a sparkling Christmas dinner, just as Christmas nougats and desserts flood the table.
  2. Dolce Natale is a dessert in itself and a perfect pairing with the sweets of these holidays.
  3. Sweet Christmas, a combination of Tía María, sambuca, acorn liqueur, liquid cream and nougat ice cream, garnished with truffle and red fruit skewer.

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