Does removing alcohol from wine reduce its properties?

The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Seville, more specifically the group of grape derivatives, studies different types of wine in order to eliminate or minimize the level of alcohol without harming their antioxidant properties.

This would be great for many cases, especially those suffering from cardiovascular disease, who could benefit from the health properties of wine without having to drink alcohol.

Alcohol reduction research is based on reducing or eliminating ethanol to make a wine drink, but without any alcohol content, and this has all the other benefits of wine.

We recently talked to you here at El Dressing about launching a new “wine” with half the alcohol content of another normal, but with the same benefits as the last one.

The question now focuses on how the complete elimination of alcohol can affect the end user, as this will completely change the taste of the new drink and this can cause sensory rejection by the consumer, which is why it is essential for consumers. Researchers have made the new product palatable and retain the necessary phenolic compounds so as not to reduce its antioxidant properties.

According to scientists, by reducing the alcohol content to 5º, the sensory qualities of the drink remain acceptable for the palate. Problems occur below this level, so they also need to get new flavors to make the product tastier and more interesting for the end user.

What they want to maintain is the chemical composition of the wine and its impact on health, which is beneficial for a group of people who cannot or should not drink alcohol.

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If they really succeed, it would be a good product for both old and young.

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