Do we eat well in Spain?

Tonight, the Antena 3 program, presented by journalist Roberto Arce, 360 GRADOS, will try to answer this question: Do we eat Spaniards well?

Certainly many people think that it is not that our famous ‘Mediterranean diet’ is not working or that we are not following it, as Spain has become the fourth country in Europe with the most obese children in recent years.

But we do not owe everything to food, because the sedentary lifestyle, which is gradually being installed in Spanish homes, along with the large presence of “junk food“It often makes us ask this question: Do we Spaniards eat well?

The 360 degree program He will discuss food in Spain, from the quality of what we eat to the hygiene of bars and restaurants. Although they will also deal with the presence of additives in food and even in the kitchens of the most selected restaurants, a presence that is denied by some of the so-called avant-garde chefs, such as. Santi Santamariawho, by the way, will be on the set to defend their ideas.

In addition to chef Santi Santamaria, the program will include guests such as former Health Minister and People’s Party Deputy Celia Villalobos; journalist and writer of the book “Secrets of Vatican Cuisine” Eva Chelada; Antson Urrusolo, journalist and radio and television talk show host; Juan Adriansens, writer; Isabel Avila, President of the Spanish Confederation of Host, Consumer and Consumer Organizations (CEACCU); Esperanza Toria, professor of nutrition; Pilar Riobo, endocrine, and Jose Carlos Capel, president of Madrid Fusion and gastronomic critic, who among other things has ideas contrary to those defended by Santi Santamaria in, his open war to undress, the world of cuisine. Apart from the chef’s resentment towards Capel for not “inviting” him Madrid Fusion 2009.

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In addition to this wide range of people and characters, the debate will be attended by a representative of the Spanish Food Safety Agency, hoteliers and representatives of the food industry.

Although, as usual in the program, they will also have testimony and public participation compiled this week by adolescents with weight problems, parents concerned about their children’s nutrition.

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