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Through We discovered this small but magical device, this is the “Delicious Kitchen” (delicious kitchen), a small flat computer that will revolutionize our kitchen as it will teach us to get variety on our table.

It has a touch screen that will allow us to surf the Internet to find the food available in our closet.

We can hang the appliance in question or not on the wall of the kitchen or closet. In it we can enter all the food that we have stored in both the refrigerator and the closet, even if we follow a diet, and the device, choosing the foods we have, offers a menu based on a recipe that has been downloaded from the Internet.

It even has a barcode reader that automatically adds the entire purchase to the list of available foods.

We can also take a picture of our dishes and add them to a blog, where anyone who has one of these gadgets in their kitchen can participate and thus create a small gastronomic network.

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This is one of the ideas involved in a next-generation computer competition organized by Microsoft and IDSA (American Society of Industrial Designers).


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