Deep fryer TEFAL Actifry, cooking without oil


A new and useful appliance has found its way into our kitchen, the Actifry fryer from TEFAL.

Deep fryer TEFAL Actifry

We know Tefal Actifry. Deep fryer that works »almost no oil”Thanks to its innovative hot air drive system, which together with an internal paddle is responsible for distributing the oil to the food we prepare.

In this way we will fry and cook delicious fresh foods such as potatoes, vegetables, meat or fish, using a minimum amount of oil and for a time equal to or less than that of any conventional utensil.

Deep fryer TEFAL Actifry

One tablespoon of olive oil (about 15 ml) is enough for cooking 1 kg of chips or some squid Andalusian style. This is also a saving for our pockets, which is appreciated during a crisis.
And the best part is that it does not emit odors while in operation and after finishing cooking the selected food, it is disassembled and dishwasher safe.

Deep fryer TEFAL Actifry

But this is not the only advantage. In addition to the above, v ActiFry from TEFAL In addition, we save on electricity bills, as electricity consumption is much lower (up to three times lower) than that of any conventional fryer.

Another advantage is that it comes with a small book in which in addition to a few tips for use in ActiFry, there are some original recipes to make some balanced menus.

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For now, we will only present it to you, although we will soon show you what it is capable of. Deep fryer TEFAL ActiFry in the kitchen and especially on our food.

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