Cream cheese, homemade recipe


Cream cheese, homemade recipe

Cream cheese, homemade recipe

30 ‘

8 servings


My friend Ivan gave me a recipe for dessert, which he made us in KDD mousse, what those times were like. At that time he ran a country house in the Bierzo area and a pallá. Several friends from the network went to spend a weekend and get a few or three thousand hands of mousse.

The fact is that the way he gave it to me, I couldn’t find a way to present it to the table in the right way, that is, with a good presentation it was great, but there was no presence.

I did a lot of tests, tastes and textures changed over time, until I finally found a satisfactory solution, there is a presence, texture, tastes … All exquisite, I have the honor to present you a dessert based on an idea from a friend who is certainly her given by a very clever mother or grandmother.

Ingredients for 8 people

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We start making the rest of the cream cheese by putting the cream in a bowl with the sugar and start beating, either with a mixer like mine or with a mechanical stirrer.

    Step 1 of Cream Cheese, Homemade Recipe

With the whipped cream, add the cream cheese and continue beating on low speed until it integrates perfectly. Then we have to put it in the fridge for 4 or 5 hours.
 Step 2 of Cream Cheese, Homemade Recipe

Now we proceed to the assembly of the glasses. Cut some walnuts and put a little at the bottom of each cup.

    Step 3 of Cream Cheese, Homemade Recipe

Then we put the cream cheese in a pastry bag and little by little fill the glasses to our liking. Then we put some nuts again and a nice spray of liquid caramel.

    Step 4 of cream cheese, homemade recipe

And that’s it, friends, do you see what easier thing to do with this cream cheese. You will soon see the cake I made with the cream cheese that I had left over from this recipe, which was delicious. Nothing more for today friends, tomorrow more and better. I hope you like this cream cheese very, good appetite!

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