Cottage cheese cake with figs, amazing cheesecake


The Cottage cheese cake with figs what we present today may be one of the most delicious cheesecakes we have prepared in our kitchen. And look, we have already prepared a few …

Of all kinds and with different shapes. With oven, without oven, with cookie base or without anything. The result has always been the same: the empty plate. What happened to that? Cottage cheese cake with figs. By the time he was ready to eat, he had disappeared.

Cottage cheese cake with figs

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Cottage cheese cake with figs

Cottage cheese cake with figs

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  1. We put the oven to heat up to 200º.

  2. While we are preparing the development of our cake with fig curd.

  3. Beat the eggs with the sugar in a bowl. We add the cream, this time we used cream to mount Central Lechera Asturiana and cottage cheese. Turn on the flour and beat well again until all the ingredients are integrated.

  4. Put greaseproof paper in a form and put the crushed dough inside.

  5. Pour the mixture on it and place the form in the oven for 20 minutes at 180º.

  6. We open and place the figs, washed and cut in half, on the curd.

  7. Let it cook for another 20 minutes or until we check that the cake is completely ready.

  8. Remove, leave to cool and “paint” the surface of the cake with fig jam.

  9. Unmold and taste.

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