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Karlos Arguiñano prepares in Open Kitchen a simply spectacular dessert: cones filled with chocolate mousse, sweet and easy offer, quick preparation and with an incredibly tasty result.

We highlight the exquisite contrast of the textures: the silky side of the chocolate mousse, combined with the crunchiness of the puff pastry. Dessert you will love.

Ingredients (4 people):

  • 1 sheet of puff pastry (230g)
  • 1 broken egg
  • mint leaves
  • For the chocolate mousse:
  • 175 g of covered chocolate
  • 30 g butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 80 g powdered sugar

Preparation of the recipe Cucuruchos filled with chocolate mousse by Karlos Arguiñano:

Stretch puff pastry with a rolling pin until it gets very good. Short 8 strips of 6 centimeters wide, preserving the length of a sheet of puff pastry. Break a egg and spread the strips. Wrap them around 8 metal rings (especially for pastries). Place the eclairs on a plate covered with baking paper. Smear them with beaten egg and bake at 200 ° for 20 minutes.

Cornets filled with chocolate mousse

Chop chocolate, put it in Bowl and melt it until water bath. Remove from the heat and set aside. Helmet eggs, place yolks and whites separately.

Cornets filled with chocolate mousse

Includes Butter to the bowl of melted chocolate, mix and turn on plates yolks. Return to stir and leave relax.

Cornets filled with chocolate mousse

Collect clear s electric mixer. Add powdered sugar for 4 times and keep driving them. Add them to the bowl of chocolate with butter and egg yolks. Mix them with soft and enveloping movements. Enter it in Refrigerator while he recovers stud.

Cornets filled with chocolate mousse

Serve 2 stuffed eclairs per serving and decorate the dishes with mint leaves.

Cornets filled with chocolate mousse


To make the cones crispy, it is best to fill them at the last minute, just before eating them.

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