Cooking with Bruno Oteiza


The “Cocina con Bruno Oteiza” program, which airs every morning from 6:30 a.m., will have many new features from tomorrow, Monday, March 1st.

If there is a chef capable of following Carlos Arguiñano, ie. Bruno Oteizabecause something is in “school“From the Basque master …

With the change of moon and spring just around the corner, the program “Cook with Bruno Oteiza“There will be a more visible decoration and a much warmer and friendlier aspect than the previous one.

Although this is not just the beginning of the news. From now on, chef Bruno Oteiza will summarize on the street or in interior spaces outside the kitchen, and not in the supermarket as before.

What else, Bruno Oteiza He has saved a few minutes in his culinary show that from Monday to Thursday he will dedicate himself to showing us tricks, tips, special recipes and “whims”, in addition to spending a day chatting with his followers.

For example on Monday will show us in “Attack“How to run main tasks in the kitchenFor example, slicing onions, cleaning fish, deboning chicken thighs, etc.

Tuesday: “It’s easier”, a place where Bruno will teach us how to use different utensils that make work in the kitchen a little easier. In addition, with a little imagination, we will find new applications for the most common utensils that we have all stored in our kitchen.

On Wednesday, the column “Antojitos” plays. Here Bruno will give us ideas on how to prepare some culinary delicacies for special days, such as caramelized walnuts,, spicy lollipops

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On Thursday, Bruno Oteiza will communicate with his followers in a section called “Webeando”, a space where he will answer questions and tell the stories that viewers want to share with the general public.

Finally, on Friday he plays “Aguachupain”. Bruno will cook here recipes a little more special than usual to surprise someone or for a unique occasion.

For the rest, apart from all this news, Bruno Oteiza He will continue, as every day, to choose the best products and prepare in his kitchen the TV recipes from today and for life, but with the elegance that characterizes all members of the Bainet group.


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