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20 May, 2017

Cooking Suggestions From Mom

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Alice Bauer in her kitchen

Current from the archives with new photos, initial posted in 2008 when Elise’s mother was 73, she’s now eighty two. Delighted Mother’s Day!

A long time in the past I was requested to create about what I have figured out from my mom about cooking. Because at the time I was dwelling with my moms and dads and cooking with my mother practically each individual working day, this wasn’t a hard exercising. I’m nevertheless learning from her, however now once in a while she learns one thing from me far too. -)

My mom is a single of those intuitive cooks in the kitchen. Obtaining lifted six young children, she doesn’t observe recipes anymore. If you observe her although she cooks, the timing just seems to materialize seamlessly.

While I’m best at making a single dish at a time, mother can coordinate a entire meal for 8—a key program protein, a single or two veggie sides, a starch, and a salad—without obtaining remotely flustered.

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