Cones with ham with mushroom cream

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Cones with ham with mushroom cream

60 ‘

4 servings


How to make ham cones with mushroom cream. This recipe is easier than it may seem at first glance. We will achieve the shape of the cone by wrapping some metal cones with ham and then passing it through the pan, so that once explained, your recipe certainly looks simpler.

Ingredients for 4 people

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We will start by making the mushroom béchamel by placing a pan over the fire with a little olive oil and then we will place the mushrooms cut into small pieces with a little salt inside. We will cook them until they are done.

    Step 1 of cones ham with mushroom cream

To make the béchamel, we will put the butter in a pan or casserole to melt. When it melts, we will add the flour and mix it until it mixes perfectly with the butter and toasts slightly, with an appearance similar to the one in the photo.

    Step 2 of ham cones with mushroom cream

At this point we will pour the milk and stir it quickly and without a break until everything is integrated. Stirring is important because if you don’t, the flour may not integrate well with the milk and you may get a lump of béchamel.

    Step 3 of ham cones with mushroom cream

Then we will add the mushrooms, mix them with the cream and let it reduce until you see that the béchamel easily separates from the bottom and moves at the same time when we mix it with the spoon. At that time, we will pour it into a source and keep it.

    Step 4 of ham cones with mushroom cream

Now we will wrap the metal cones with the ham and put a pan on the fire with a little oil. When we have a good time with the ham, we will take them out of the pan and wait for them to cool down a bit to remove the cones without burning.

    Step 5 of ham cones with mushroom cream

The last step will be to fill the cones with ham with a little of the mushroom cream and the veil, we will finish the cones with ham with mushroom cream.

    Step 6 of ham cones with cream of mushrooms


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