Collection of books “101 recipes” by Grizalbo


The Grijalbo editorial office presents the “101 recipes” collection so that we can prepare recipes in our kitchen with full confidence, following the step-by-step instructions.

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After we introduced ourselves to “I managed to lose weight! With my protein recipes, Grijalbo Publishing offers a collection of cookbooks, consisting of six volumes, with titles for all tastes and people:101 basic recipes“,”101 soups and company“,”101 recipes for students“,”101 Recipes for Conquest“,”101 Evenings at once“Y”101 Fruit desserts“.

Each of the books is made up of simple elaborations, with their step-by-step instructions, which in addition to some amazing photos, include nutritional information that will be of great help in evaluating each of the recipes in their proper measure.

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101 basic recipes

Barney Desmasers. ISBN: 9788425347740

This book is ideal for all those people who have enough time and can not shop every day for cooking. For all of them, this book offers ideas on how to turn the basic foods and ingredients we usually have at home into healthy homemade dishes, such as “veal beans”, “rice noodle and shrimp salad” or “cheese souffle”. with many others.

101 Fruit desserts - Grijalbo

101 Recipes for Conquest

Jeanine Ratcliffe. ISBN: 9788425347757

It offers us elegant and original designs that are ideal for satisfying the palate of the couple, family and friends in a special and simple way. Quick and cheap recipes like “Thai salmon soup with coconut noodles” or “Chicken candies Yakitori with miso” plus lots of vegetarian and dessert ideas.

101 Recipes for Conquest - Grijalbo

101 recipes for students

Barney Desmasers. ISBN: 9788425347726

On the contrary, this book offers ideas to those students who do not have time to enter the kitchen, to prepare everything from a full breakfast to an express dinner, ideal for solving meals at the end of a busy and busy day.

101 Evenings at once

Jane Hornby. ISBN: 9788425347719

More than a hundred recipes that will give us ideas and recommendations to prepare delicious homemade recipes in record time, such as “Grilled pasta with ham and mushrooms”, “Summer bruschetta with ricotta and tomatoes” or “Roasted carrot salad and spinach with feta cheese” and orange ”, among others.

101 soups and company

Sharon Brown. ISBN: 9788425347733

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As such, 101 recipes for soups, creams and accompaniments to be prepared in our kitchen. Eat hot or cold, alone or accompanied, but all of them with a common denominator: simple and easy recipes to supplement and surprise in any menu.

101 Fruit desserts

Jane Hornby. ISBN: 9788425347764

A book that highlights the fruit thanks to its 101 recipes, all of them varied and original. Cakes, ice cream, troubles, etc., surprising recipes that will delight the sweet.

Six books, which are six treasures, thanks to what each of them includes inside: recipes with an easy process, but with very good results.

And all this for only 9’95 euros.


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