Chocolate volcano. The original recipe

Coulant or Chocolate Volcano is one of the most famous desserts in the world. A recipe created and patented by the French chef Michel Brass in 1981.

Coulant O Chocolate Volcano

The recipe of “Chocolate salad“original from Michelle Brass It consists of two layers of chocolate, a caramel-flavored chocolate interior and another chocolate cake exterior, which is presented as a small chocolate cake whose inside is liquid and “flows” (means Kulant) outside when dinner cuts the cake with teaspoon. This creamy chocolate and caramel sauce, along with the hot sponge cake, is a delight for those passionate chocolate palates, of course.
Since its inception, there have been many variations that “Chocolate coolerAll over the world, from ingredients of all kinds to single “deconstructions”. Every chef wants to have their own Coulant or Chocolate volcano.

This did not cause much irritation to its original creator, rather Michelle Brass himself commented on his website that the copy of the original recipe for chocolate kulant around the world does not bother me too much, on the contrary.

Few people do original recipe for Chocolate Coulant in their homes, including us. Rather, we chose the simple recipe of the chocolate volcano, the “easy” recipe, which consists of putting all the ingredients, distributing in forms and after freezing, baking.

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The original recipe for Chocolate Coulant has the grace and touch of one of the best chefs in France, Michelle Brass, who, as in all recipes created by chance, has contributed to the popular recipe book one of the most complex desserts in the world. Kulant or chocolate volcano.

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