Chocolate Fair: Xocolatíssima 2008

Chocolatíssima 2008, is an activity involved in the programming of The gastronomic villa, and aims to promote one of the most emblematic products of the municipality: chocolate.

As is traditional in previous editions of Chocolate (this is the seventh), the first day of “Chocolate-based cooking course“From prominent gourmets or chefs from different geographical areas of the country. Although in recent years it has been decided to bet on one of the many local restaurant and confectionery companies to teach these courses. For this reason, this year it will be the cafe GUZZI Mercat, whose manager and founder is Tony Soriano, who will delight all participants in Xocolatissima with a variety of recipes within the most domestic, popular and traditional tradition in the city.

Also tomorrow, Thursday, August 14, the already famous “Chocolate routeA route that you can see through bus tours, chocolate factories, museums or exhibition halls of the city, which find their starting point in the Tourist Office, which in this case also acts as a reservation center and information point.

Although the star act of this gastronomic event is the one that will take place on Friday, August 15, “Chocolate PopularWhich, of the second edition, takes place in the old quarter of the city of Alicante.

If you are close to Villa Joiosa or La Vila Joiosa, do not hesitate to take part in this sweet temptation.

It will have an influx, as the Municipal Council of La Vila Joiosa makes this edition coincide with the weekend with the largest influx of tourists in the area.

If you go, do not hesitate to put our long teeth.

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