Chocolate cake with cheese, chestnut cream and red fruits

We remind you of the recipe for: Chocolate sponge cake and Guinness black beer, essential for the preparation of the recipe.

The Hibiscus flower in syrup It is not obligatory and we leave you your data in case you are curious:

The wild hibiscus in syrup comes from a family business located in Sydney, Australia. Once collected, hibiscus flowers are placed in closed jars (11 and 50 units) and prepared in a water bath with mineral water and cane sugar as the only accessories. This is the original and completely natural recipe, which is currently available on the market in more than 50 countries.

The wild hibiscus flower is edible “flower – fruit”, whose taste contains hints of cherry and raspberry, as well as a texture reminiscent of lychee.

Its excellent quality, originality and surprising richness of shades make the hibiscus flower in syrup a perfect ingredient in cooking and creative cocktails, giving rise to impressive creations.

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