Chocolate brownies with nuts

Chocolate brownies with nuts

30 ‘

6 servings


Things in the kitchen tell gossip and the truth is that it is true that a chef (they don’t tell us who) forgot to put the yeast in this cake and that’s why what came out came out.

How will it not come out if it can be eaten from a spoon or by dipping a cup before placing in the oven. The fact is that a kind of hard cream came out with the external crunchiness due to the flour, then bathe it on top with hot chocolate and you have the classic American recipe.

Since I’m not happy about imitating a great recipe like this, I suggest I eliminate the mistake of that chef whose name no one says, it turns out that although he accidentally invented a phenomenal dessert and no one remembers it, who invented the atomic bomb which everyone remembers.

To see the full recipe, you can do it in Homemade Desserts CLICK HERE, or by watching the video just below this text.

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