Chivas Royal Salute Diamond Jubilée Whiskey, power and grandeur


The true origins of the Chivas Royal Salute Diamond Jubilée can be seen in its rich but understated decoration with handmade gemstones and metals, always reflecting its exclusivity while giving it strength and grandeur.

Royal Salute Diamond Jubilee

In 1953, Chivas Brothers celebrated the coronation of Elizabeth II, Queen of England, with a limited edition of a very special blended whiskey. 60 years later, the leading luxury brand Scotch whiskey once again pays tribute to its queen with a new limited edition: Chivas Royal Salute Diamond Jubilee.

Chivas Royal Salute Diamond Jubilée is a gemstone. Produced from a combination of Scotch malt and grain whiskeys, each aged at least 21 years, and carefully selected by Master Blender Colin Scott at the Royal Salute Arch in Stratisla, Scotland.

Royal Salute Diamond Jubilee 1

Unique whiskey, packaged in an exclusive porcelain bottle, presented in a sober box in the same blue color, which further enhances its exclusivity.

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Whiskey Chivas Royal Salute prices and availability

Without a doubt, Chivas Royal Salute Diamond Jubilée whiskey is a great gift worthy of royalty, of which only 12 bottles have gone on sale in Spain, specifically in some El Corte Inglés gourmet clubs and the Lavinia store. price from € 150 per unit.


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